Bathroom Remodeling Services

At ROA, we pride in seeing our customers’ happy faces as they admire their beautiful new bathrooms. Customers collaborate with our consultants on bathroom remodeling services in Pflugerville. They incorporate every preference into the final design, no matter how small. To enjoy a new bathroom that fits your needs and style, trust the experts in Bathroom Remodeling. We are one the best bathroom remodeling contractors in Pflugerville who can create the perfect space for you.
Bathroom Remodeling Services
bathroom remodeling contractors

Custom Bathroom Remodel Contractors

Do you find your bathroom’s fixtures outdated and worn? Ready to turn it into a spa-like sanctuary for self-pampering? Look no further—our team is here to assist! Our expert and team of skilled professionals can renovate or build your bathroom based on your remodeling ideas. If you want to remodel your bathroom, build a new or local bathroom our team can assist you. We will create a 3D image of your space so you can see it virtually and make any changes you want. As your chosen bathroom remodeling contractor, you’ll have the flexibility to choose from various customization options. ROA Bath Remodeling can swap your old tub for a new one if you’re not prepared for a complete renovation.

Shower Installation

Changing your bathtub to a shower can improve your bathing experience and make your bathroom feel more spacious. It is a simple and fast way to make a significant improvement. This change can make your bathroom feel more extensive and more modern. Dreamstyle shower systems come with antimicrobial protection, eliminating mold and mildew growth concerns. You can make bathing safer by choosing comfortable seating and grab bars for you and your loved ones. We can help you choose the style, color, finish, and accessories you like for your new shower.
Shower Installation

A Walk-In Tub

Our Jacuzzi walk-in bathtubs are great for families with kids and people getting older or with mobility issues. Walk-in tubs have a low basin and handrails for safety. This makes them a better choice than tubs with high walls requiring stepping over. Relax in this fancy tub with hydrotherapy jets to unwind and forget about the day’s stresses.

ROA Bathroom Renovation and Shower Installation Services

Trust the ROA Drywall and Remodeling Company to install your new bathroom products and make your renovation look great. Our team of skilled professionals has 10 years of experience. They specialize in replacing bathtubs, bathroom renovations, and showers. They can often finish projects in a few days. They always maintain the highest standards. We promise that our products and artistry are of high quality. We offer a 100% Lifetime Leak Warranty to ensure your confidence in the final project. This warranty guarantees that there will be no leaks. It lasts for the lifetime of the product. Where Does ROA Offer Bathroom Remodeling Services? We take pride in delivering customized bathroom remodeling projects for homeowners in Pflugerville, TX, and surrounding areas.

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To initiate a free, in-home consultation, contact ROA Bathroom Remodeling in Pflugerville. Our team can help with any questions and explain financing options for qualified homeowners. Just ask us for assistance. We want to show why people think we are one of the best bathroom remodeling contractors in the industry!

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