Wall Texturing Services

Change your home or office with ROA Drywall texturing service, offering smooth, knockdown, orange-peel, and popcorn options. We go beyond the usual, giving bespoke textures to bring your envisioned style to reality.

Our specialists help you through the pros and downsides of each texture, ensuring your selection stands the test of time. We update old popcorn ceilings with a modern knockdown texture. This provides a quick and affordable way to refresh ceilings and walls. Our Drywall Texturing Services in Pflugerville, TX can give your space a unique look with long-lasting designs.

Our wall texturing services begin with meticulous preparation, ensuring the wall surface is smooth and ready to receive the texture. We use high-quality materials and industry-leading techniques to achieve consistent and durable results. Whether you’re looking for orange peel, knockdown, popcorn, or custom textures, we have the expertise to deliver the desired effect.

Wall Texturing Services

Experienced Wall Texturing Contractors

Upgrade your ceilings and walls with a smooth surface from ROA Drywall and Painting. We offer drywall texturing services for a sleek look. Getting great results with a flawless finish needs experts. Our skilled professionals are the best choice for the job. We prioritize keeping your home safe and clean, whether it’s furnished or empty. We take careful steps to ensure security and cleanliness during the entire process.

We fix small drywall problems for free, like scraping popcorn, smoothing ceilings, or adding spray texture. We offer comprehensive drywall repair services with transparent pricing and communication to avoid unforeseen expenses for significant repairs. We promise top-notch customer service in painting and remodeling, ensuring your satisfaction with our quality and professionalism. 

Transform Your Space with Lasting Beauty

Trust ROA Drywall and Painting Experts. They have licenses, insurance, and expert training to deliver high-quality work that meets your expectations. Don’t settle for less; choose the name you’ll hear recommended again and again.

Schedule your job with us, and experience the results you desire at a price you’ll love. Contact our friendly professionals for any questions or to schedule a hassle-free appointment.

More About Drywall Texturing

Maybe you’ve heard that there are different ways to finish drywall that can make your walls and ceilings look better. You can do some of the kinds that exist. But to make textures that are more complex and stylish, you need to know more than just simple DIY skills.

Hire professionals for these all types of wall textures. Depending on the size of the area, professionals can usually finish the job in one or two days. The good thing is that they can do it right away and fast. If you hang your drywall correctly, you won’t have to pay extra for repairs or finishes that don’t look good or damage from water.

ROA Drywall Repair Pros is perfect for budget-conscious customers. Skilled contractors manage all aspects of drywall repair, from assessment to finishing.

Drywall Textures that add style and Charm to Your Home:

1. Popcorn Ceiling Texture:

People know the popcorn ceiling for its unique look. From a distance, it looks like paint splatter because it has rough, smooth edges. A cheap choice after fixing the ceiling. Since popcorn texture is thick, they also absorb sound. This is why they are popular in music rooms, theaters, and bedrooms in flats or duplexes.

Over the years, workers have used safer materials instead of asbestos in this texture.

2. Spray Sand Ceiling Texture:

You can make spray sand texture by mixing sand with a primer and water and then using a hopper gun to spread it. This texture is strong against impacts and pressure. Using a hopper gun is easy, but you need skills that you might not have for a do-it-yourself job. It’s an easy and quick choice.

3. Orange Peel Drywall Texture:

This texture makes a finish that looks a little like an orange peel texture and has soft curves and bends. It comes in three weights, from light to heavy, making it a popular wall texture for homes and businesses. The name comes from the fact that it looks like an orange peel. The texture is one of a kind, giving it its own tones and shapes.

4. Multi-Colored Lace Drywall Texture:

Lace texture, also known as Spanish lace, is a type of hand-drawn texture used on drywall. It’s made by applying drywall compound with a special brush in a circular pattern, resulting in a web-like design. Lace texture is popular for its unique appearance and ability to conceal imperfections on the wall surface.

This lace drywall pattern looks good when you use two or more colors together. Using it requires unique skills and knowledge, making it difficult to use. You use a knockdown knife to create a two-layered design with different paint colors. They use several layers of drywall mud, paint, and spray solutions.

5. Comb Drywall Texture

Comb texture makes beautiful random patterns and lines when used with a toothed trowel or a small tool that looks like a shovel. How hard it is relies on how skilled and creative the expert is.

With steady hands and careful application, you can make a wall or ceiling look classy from afar.

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