Fire Resistant Drywall Installation Services

Fire safety is crucial for protecting your home or business. That’s why investing in fire resistant drywall installation services is a wise choice. Fire-resistant drywall, also known as Type X drywall, slows down fires. It gives more time to escape and reduces property damage.

We install fire-resistant drywall at ROA Drywall to keep your property safe and secure. Our skilled team installs Type X drywall to industry standards for maximum fire protection in your building.

Fire Resistant Drywall

Where is Fire Rated Drywall Required?

In homes, fire-rated drywall is usually required by building codes in specific areas:
  1. Near furnace and utility rooms.
  2. Areas with a wood stove.
  3. Garages, especially the walls that separate the garage from the main house.
  4. Garage ceilings that are above living rooms

Feature of Fire Resistant Drywall Installation

Fire rated drywall, like Type X or Type C, is a special material that helps buildings resist fires. People use it in homes and businesses to improve safety. Here are some key characteristics of fire-rated drywall:

Termed Type X or Type C

People often refer to fire rated drywall as Type X or Type C, indicating its fire resistant properties. Industry regulations establish specific fire resistance ratings and performance standards that form the basis for these designations.

5/8-inch Thick

Fire-rated drywall is thicker at 5/8 inches, making it stronger and more fire-resistant than regular drywall.

Rated to 60 Minutes

Fire-rated drywall is designed to resist fire for a certain amount, usually up to 60 minutes. This extra fire protection stops flames from spreading quickly and gives people more time to leave the building safely.

Embedded with Glass Fibers

Manufacturers embed glass fibers in fire-rated drywall during the manufacturing process to enhance its fire-resistant properties. These fibers help reinforce the drywall’s gypsum core, improving its ability to withstand high temperatures and inhibit the spread of fire.

Required by Many Building Codes

Due to its superior fire resistance, building codes, and regulations often require fire-rated drywall for specific applications, such as walls and ceilings in multifamily dwellings, commercial buildings, and high-risk areas prone to fire hazards.

Rating Backed on Assembly Systems

Fire-rated drywall can resist fire because it is part of assembly systems, including the entire wall or ceiling system. These systems support the drywall’s ability to resist fire. The drywall is not the only component that helps in resisting fire.

The entire wall or ceiling system also plays a role in supporting the fire resistance of the drywall. This comprehensive approach ensures the fire-rated assembly meets the required fire protection standards.

During construction projects, fire-rated drywall is important for fire safety and meeting building codes in homes and businesses. Its strong build and dependable operation make it crucial for saving lives and property during a fire emergency.

The Difference Between Standard Drywall and Fire-Resistant Drywall

There are two types of drywall: standard and fire-resistant or fire rated. Both are used for interior walls and ceilings. However, fire-resistant drywall provides superior fire protection.

Standard drywall does not withstand high temperatures and can contribute to the rapid spread of fire. Fire-resistant drywall has special additives that help it resist fire for at least one hour.

Expert Fire-Resistant Drywall Installer in Pflugerville

When you hire us to put fire-resistant drywall in your hands, you can be sure that your home is in good hands. We use top products and modern methods to achieve excellent results that meet or exceed fire safety regulations.

We use fire-resistant drywall for new home construction, remodeling, or improving fire safety at home. Protect your investment and prioritize safety with ROA Drywall. Contact us today to learn more about our fire-resistant drywall installation services and schedule a consultation.

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